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No Oldtimers is a way to discuss all the good (and the bad) things that we digest everyday, without the pretension and overt seriousness that is carried by the previous generations of media journalism.

In other words, No Oldtimers is a way to talk shit, set people on the straight and narrow, and flex.

No Oldtimers is…

  • Jim Wilson: Wordsmith/Poet, general rambler

  • Lia Baldori: Editor/Professional Liaison to Quality, dedicated to sifting through Jim’s internal monologue in order to deliver only the best content that this young stack can offer (Gives NOTs all its swag)

  • Evan Vollick-Offer: Designer/Loose Cannon Who Does Not Play by the Rules, exclusively throws down the freshest, most inimitable designs (Also gives NOTs all its swag)

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